Oak floors is one of the most well-known types of hardwood flooring due to its sturdiness, durability and is easy to install.

Before beginning the installation procedure, leave the walnut from the area in which you want to install it for a few days. This will help the oak flooring to acclimatise to the room temperature which permits the wood to expand and accommodate to the humidity and humidity from the room.

Lay the base

From time to time, people put some protective material below the hardwood flooring. It's not crucial to utilize this type of substance, but it is going to help to supply a flat base and adds an excess layer of insulating material.

The installation procedure

Start with placing the first plank across the wall and then after cutting it to the ideal size you want to leave a gap next to the wall to get wood expansion approx 1/8 inch into 1/2 inch. After installing the initial layer, begin installing the other boards.

The final touches

You have to cut and put the planks until all the planks are placed together. Be certain that you have to lay each plank tightly against the previous one. If you understand there are areas that are not tight then tap on the planks together using a hammer.

Once the fixing or installation is completed, it will be more difficult for you to make any corrections, therefore try to get it right the first time.